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MRCOOL Central Ducted System

Welcome to PremiumdepotUSA's MRCOOL Central Ducted System collection page. Our handpicked selection features the advanced Mrcool central ducted serie, priced between $3000 and $5000. These central ducted systems are designed for a wide array of environments, from cozy residential homes to expansive commercial spaces, ensuring optimal comfort in any setting.

Our lineup boasts models with tonnage capacities ranging from 2 to 5 tons, paired with SEER ratings of 17 and 18 for maximum energy efficiency. Tailored to meet diverse cooling and heating demands, our systems include:

  • 2 ton for smaller areas, providing precise climate control.
  • 3 ton for medium-sized spaces, ideal for maintaining comfortable temperatures in moderate-sized buildings.
  • 4-5 ton for larger environments, designed to effectively manage the climate in spacious areas.
  • 5 ton for the most extensive spaces, guaranteeing consistent comfort across large premises.

Key features of the MRCOOL Central Ducted System include flexible multi-position installation options (UPFLOW, DOWNFLOW, HORIZONTAL LEFT, or RIGHT), ensuring compatibility with various architectural layouts. The systems boast a quiet operation and a compact design, with R-410A refrigerant for environmentally friendly performance. Each unit is backed by a comprehensive 10-year parts and labor warranty.

Performance-wise, expect efficient heating and cooling capabilities, with variable speed technology that adapts to your specific requirements for climate control. The systems come equipped with user-friendly features such as the Follow Me™ function, modular design for easy maintenance, and self-diagnostics for troubleshooting.

For installation, the systems offer pre-charged No Vac Quick Connect Line Sets, supporting both traditional and quick-connect configurations to accommodate DIY projects and professional installations alike.

Discover the ideal MRCOOL Central Ducted System for your space at PremiumdepotUSA, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled comfort and efficiency. Browse our collection today to find the perfect climate control solution tailored to your specific needs.