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Mrcool DIY Mini Split Accessories

Explore our extensive collection of MRCOOL Accessories for DIY Mini-Split systems, exclusively at Premium Depot USA. Whether you're looking to install or maintain your MRCOOL DIY Mini-Split, we offer everything you need—from the MRCOOL Line Set Cover to the innovative MRCOOL Mini-Stat Smart App Controller. Our accessories are designed for a variety of sizes and capacities, making them suitable for spaces from under 500 square feet to over 1,500 square feet.

Our products make DIY installation straightforward with user-friendly options like the pre-charged line set. This feature allows you to set up your system quickly and efficiently. The MRCOOL DIY Cleaning Kit also ensures your system operates at peak performance. Whether you are enhancing a small room or a large office, our accessories improve the comfort and climate control of your environment.

Our accessories boast high SEER ratings for energy efficiency, DIY-friendly designs, and smart technology for convenient WiFi control. We provide comprehensive guidelines to help you choose the right size and features for your space, ensuring your cooling and heating needs are met perfectly.

Available for purchase online at Premium Depot USA or through local dealers and installers, our accessories range in price from $117 to $1,287, offering options for every budget. Upgrade your MRCOOL DIY Mini-Split system today for better comfort, efficiency, and ease of use.